what i’ve been up to…

I have been silent on here as of late, but my prayer life and my family’s daily life has not been.  One of the days our family has been anticipating for the past year has arrived.  We are finally a family of 6! 

In April of 2009, I met two sisters at Kid’s Care Orphanage.  Then, our family started a journey that led us here:

We are SO excited to officially introduce you to Konjit Adina and Fikirte Eliana Mott!!

Ethiopian names have great significance within their culture.  Some of you may know that my husband Ryan found the name Kaden in the two-syllable section of a baby book, and I first heard Karson (for a girl) in a movie, but they also have family names.  Robert Kaden was named after multiple generations of Roberts, such as his daddy – Robert Ryan, and Karson Dawn in memory of my sister, Dawn.  We treasure the familial significance that these names have.  So, Ryan and I decided to make a break from the ‘K’ names and honor the Ethiopian tradition of origin significance in the choosing of their middle names.  I began researching, and we decided on the following:

Konjit means ‘beautiful’ in Amharic and Adina means ‘longing’ in Hebrew. 

Fikirte means ‘love’ in Amharic and Eliana means ‘God has answered’ in Hebrew. 

God truly answered our longing.  To His name be all glory, honor, and praise!

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