Celebrations of past and present

Yesterday we celebrated 3 years of being a family of 6! The time has flown.

Konjit &  Fikirte Photo 7

Fikirte & Konjit’s referral photo from 2009

(Could they have been more adorable?)

And, oh my goodness, they have grown so much.

On August 22, 2010 we landed in Chicago and became a family of 6. It would have been impossible to take the smile off of my face–having all of my children together for the first time.

But we are excited to share that yesterday was a day of celebration in more ways than one.

We received word that our adoption agency, America World, has secured an appointment with Ministry of Women, Children, and Youth Affairs (MOWCYA) for Monday the 26th regarding our adoption of B (we are unable to share his name at this time).

What does this mean?

MOWCYA decides which children in the country of Ethiopia are eligible for adoption. B shared of his hope to be adopted and be reunited with his sisters last year, but at that time MOWCYA rejected him. They did not want to admit a boy, age 15, into the system when children age out at the age of 16. I call them children, because that is exactly what they are at 16 years of age. Children that are expected to live and survive on their own.

We have worked hard, filling out extra paperwork on top of what was already required, to convince MOWCYA that B should be placed into the system and thus made adoptable.

photo copy 11

praying over our dossier before it made the trek to Ethiopia

Representatives from America World (AW) will petition MOWCYA on our behalf, explaining that the moment B is placed into the system, he will be matched with our family. AW is strongly optimistic that B will become available for us to adopt, but nothing is guaranteed.

We are asking for your prayers, as we need the decision makers’ hearts to be soft towards B and our family. Children have been adopted over the age of 16 when there are previously adopted siblings involved. So we remain hopeful and steadfast in our pursuit of bringing B home.

One day Karson, out of nowhere, said, “Mommy, I can’t image not getting to see Kaden every day.” Children are often underestimated because of the simple ways they look at things, but this time I think the adults could learn a lot by looking at this like a child.

Every child deserves a family.

And the chance to see their brother EVERY day.


B, Fikirte & Konjit in 2010

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