To fashion or make by hand.

This weekend I spent many hours with my husband’s family. They are extremely creative and have made a business out of designing and creating decor for the home.

It has been a joy to marry into such a talented group. The walls of our home would be bare if not for their work.

I have attended and helped with the family’s craft shows for over twenty years now, so I have witnessed first-hand how much time, effort, care, and attention-to-detail are put into each handcrafted piece.

I was introduced to the ALERT medical facility while in Ethiopia in 2010. The center focuses on rehabilitation and training in regards to leprosy and tuberculosis. It also houses a store that is filled with beautiful tablecloths, curtains, dresses, scarves, purses, rugs, and much more that are made on their grounds.

Beautiful things made by beautiful people.

download 8-2-10 039

download 7-26-10 056

Handcrafted.download 8-2-10 051

download 7-26-10 059

download 8-2-10 047

To fashion or make by hand.

I brought home many items from this special place. But my favorite piece would have to be a mat made by this man.

download 7-26-10 057

I believe, in his case, he creates and works from the heart.

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