A Day in Dubai

Our adventure began with a somewhat uneventful 14 hour flight to Dubai. And yes, that is a really long time to be in an airplane.

This evening we had a chance to tour the city.

This mosque was our first stop.


I wanted to test the waters of the somewhat cool Persian Gulf.


Every place we visit Ryan and I try to do two things.

#1  We purchase a Christmas ornament. Ryan and I began this tradition on our honeymoon in 1996. We now have an entire tree filled with ornaments from places like the Royal Gorge, the Statue of Liberty, and Edinburgh Scotland. Now we have one from Dubai.

#2  Ryan gets a photo with local law enforcement. Tonight the officer was on duty, working a crash, so Ryan didn’t want to bother him. We just borrowed his SUV for a quick shot.


Couldn’t believe this view with the moon right in the landscape.


And we closed out our evening with a visit to the Spice Souk. It was as beautiful as it smelled.


They may have also had some candy that we thought four special people back home might enjoy.


We leave for Uganda first thing in the morning.

Cannot wait to Go. Be. Love. on behalf of Visiting OrphansMt. Pulaski Christian Church and all of you!

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