Today is a good day

Today is the day we get the see the young man we consider to be our son.


Fikirte and Konjit’s biological brother.

A boy we began processing to bring home in June of 2012.

A boy that we can visit today but can’t bring home.

Today has the possibility to be sad. Ryan and I know that there are no guarantees at this point that Ethiopia will let us be a family.

But we already know that through God we are a family.

Today we get to speak to our son.

Today we get to pray with our son.

We ask that you join us in prayer.


Will we be with him at 2:00pm here which is 5:00am in Illinois.

Please ask that God will make today encouraging, joyful, informative, restorative, refreshing, hopeful, and anything else that B needs to hear.

We will turn our time over to God and ask Him to direct it. He knows B’s every need. We want to be His voice of truth today to this boy.

God will continue to care for our son in our absence. We have no doubt.

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