Days 1 & 2 – Days of Thanks

Day 1 was filled with the sights and sounds of Uganda.


Three members of our team (Laura, Ryan, & Deanne) have experienced Uganda before, which means that seven members of our team are taking in everything for the first time. It is wonderful to experience it again and through the eyes of new team members.

One of the first activities and excursions was to exchange our money—currently $1 to 3600 shillings. This also allowed us to see more of the city of Kampala, as it was dark when we landed in Entebbe and drove to our guest house.

Pastor Samuel of Return Ministries and Amaka Children’s Home was excited to take us to their new location. Those on our team who had worked here in 2013 were excited to see all the growth and progress for the church in their community. The place where they now worship is 3x the size of their previous location.

We were able to supply many things to this ministry through the generous donations our team received. One of those purchases was a projector and Macbook Air. A team member (Garrett) spent some one-on-one time with a Ugandan church member helping to set up things for their evening celebration service using these new devices.

One of the pieces of our trip that Pastor Samuel was adamant about was having a service in honor of Micah. Micah loved Return Ministries and he set into motion some projects that will impact this community for generations to come. The same can be said of Pastor Samuel. Two great men who shared a heart for people and for Jesus.


The service was indeed beautiful and indeed a celebration. It was shared by one of the pastors in attendance, “We dance because he (Micah) lived his life victoriously.” And dance they did–for hours.

They also took time to pray for our team and asked the Lord to watch over us and our work. What a privilege it is to serve with this community.

IMG_5143Day 2 was an opportunity to worship with the church of Return Ministries.

A few team members (Alexis, Madison & Ashton) joined the children to help with Sunday school and shared Bible stories using those tried-and-true felt board illustrations. Our entire team was blessed by the worship time.

More dancing. More singing. Some in Ugandan. Some in English. And a sermon was shared by one of our team members (Garrett) that was translated into Ugandan. At the end of the service, we were able to serve lunch to the church members and spend some time getting to know the children and people of the community.

DSC_0058What an honor it is to be in Uganda serving. May His name be praised. Thank you for sending us. We are forever grateful.

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