Day 6 – A Day in Jinja

We traveled outside of Kampala today to see the work of two other ministries in Jinja, Uganda. Jinja is located northeast of Kampala and about a three-hour van ride.

Our first stop was Sole Hope and our entire team was in awe of the work they do. A jigger can burrow into the feet and hands and if not removed—can lay eggs and multiply very quickly. Over time they can destroy soft tissue.

Upon arrival we toured the Sole Hope facility and received a firsthand account of how the shoes are constructed once they arrive in Uganda. Everyone took great pride in their work and enjoyed showing us their part in the process.

IMG_5232Check out their website if you are interested in having a care party in the states.

Sole Hope had visited a school a week earlier and presented educational material and spent time with the teachers of the school to find out which children may be in the greatest need for their help. It was time to “hit the red.” In America, we would likely say “hit the road” but here it does make more sense to say “hit the red” as most paths are unpaved and everything is touched by the red dirt of Uganda.

While the setup team works to prepare a space for the clinic on the school grounds, we had a chance to watch others on the Sole Hope team in action with the kids.

After the clinic area was ready, we were each given a job.


Some of our team washed feet after the children moved through the intake process.

The children then moved on to the removal area. Only Sole Hope staff completed the jigger removal, but some of our team worked alongside them recording any jiggers that were found.

After the jiggers are removed, the children receive more education and a brand new pair of shoes. DSC_0374

Our second stop was a tour of Amazima School, an African Christian secondary school.


If any of you have read Kisses from Katie by Katie Davis Majors, then you understand a few of our team members’ excitement. I believe everyone on our team left impressed. The Amazima School is combining the best of Western and Eastern education to bring students a new education style. It will be amazing to see what God accomplishes through this school in the years to come.

I think the team would agree that two more highlights of the day were crossing the Nile River multiple times and landing at a restaurant with free wifi. We are halfway through our trip and hoping to experience even more in the last days than the first.

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