Days 7 & 8 – Bound Together

Day 7 was all about the community.

Return Ministries serves many people throughout their community of Busega in Kampala, Uganda. Generous donations to our team allowed us to distribute some much needed items to people in the community. One of the most well received items was a new mattress.

We were invited inside of each home to be welcomed and thanked. The opportunity to pray with each family was such a gift. They have humble requests and so much gratitude.

The afternoon brought a different type of adventure. We may have used a crane to raise the water tower, but ropes and brute strength were all that was needed to raise the water tank. And a lot of gasps from those on the ground…

After dinner we enjoyed time with the children in the children’s home. It was such a beautiful time of connection that we didn’t appear to stop and photograph it. Nails were painted. Questions were asked and answered. A guitar was played. Music was sung. Friendships were rekindled and forged.

Day 8 offered us a chance to play and feed the children that are a part of Amaka Children’s Home and Return Ministries church.

We began out time listening to the children’s choir, but then it was our turn to sing some songs and teach a Bible lesson (thanks, Garrett and Maureen).


What a comfort it is to know that our Bibles are written in different languages, but they tell the same stories. Then it was time for futbol, matball, swinging, dancing, singing, cuddling, talking, coloring and whatever else could be dreamed up.

Thanks again to the generous donations given to our team we were able to feed the approximately 150 children, as well as pass out toothpaste, toothbrushes, clothes and shoes to each child.

It was a good day.

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